We at New Markets Management Consulting are committed to three core values: excellence, entrepreneurship and partnership. These values shape everything we think and do. As a result, we create lasting, measurable value.


Comprehensive analysis, creative strategies and reliable, pragmatic solutions are the hallmark of a truly top-class consulting firm. Yet mental agility and the will to think – and realize – the unthinkable are equally vital. Excellence is therefore an imperative for each of our team members.


To us, entrepreneurship is primarily about business success – and about the willingness to assume responsibility in order to achieve it. That means working independently, taking risks, exploring unconventional ideas. Only then can we add exceptional value for our clients. This entrepreneurial mindset is part of New Markets Management Consulting's corporate DNA.


Seeing our clients succeed means everything to us. We pour all our energy into realizing this one goal. This demands absolute professionalism, loyalty and openness. Accordingly, we create an atmosphere and spirit of mutual trust and constructive dialog. We see our clients and consultants as a joint team. That is why partnership is one of our core values.