About us

New Markets Management Consulting was founded as an advisory group by a team of well experienced IT and business professionals in 2006 and is serving the EMEA market for enterprise IT solutions based on strong relationships with our clients, a selection of international software and IT services companies. Our background in IT is based on roles in sales, sales management and consulting with IBM, HP, SAP, Oracle, EMC, Siemens and AT&T.   

For the regional access in our EMEA customer projects we operate from offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Munich and Zurich. 

On the customer side we work with a direct approach as a local representative of our international solution partners.

Our enterprise customers in EMEA:

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Global 2000 Public Enterprises
  • Top Private Companies
  • Major Government Organizations

Our international solution partners headquartered in USA, Canada, UK, Belgium and India:
  • Best-of-breed Software Companies
  • Innovative IT Services Companies

Our core team:
  • Business Development Managers
  • Business Analysts & IT Architects
  • Research & Marketing Consultants

Our local partners:
  • IT Technology Advisors
  • Systems Integrators
  • Consulting Companies 
  • Digital Agencies
  • HR Agencies

Your Benefits:

To our international solution partners we provide a cost effective and fast route into the EMEA market, reference deals with high end enterprises and significant sales acceleration. 

To our enterprise customers, we deliver best-of breed IT based business solutions and innovative IT technologies, already high recommended by leading analysts and advisors.