Information Management

Companies can use information technology  to create value and boost performance. To do so, they must align their IT with their business strategy. This is reflected in the approacch to Information Management, which combines strategy expertise with IT expertise.

In our view, all elements of Information Management must aim to create value. Since we have an in-depth understanding of value drivers in the key industries, we are well equipped to align the use of information technology to the needs of individual companies. We believe in the strategic value of IT.

Within the Information Management, we cover the key areas of strategic IT consulting in order to address the complete CIO agenda:

  • IT strategy and alignment
  • IT organization and sourcing
  • IT projects and transformation
  • IT positioning and improvement

IT strategy and alignment

To empower the business organization, IT strategy and landscape must be aligned with current business needs.

Business-oriented IT strategy

To achieve an optimal outcome, the IT strategy should always be defined to support business goals. We enable organizations to formulate IT strategies that meet current business needs and empower the organization.

Competitive advantage through IT

In addition, information technology can be leveraged to achieve a competitive advantage within a specific industry, particularly in IT-focused markets. We are experienced in leveraging the value of IT in specific markets.

Enterprise architecture

Finally, the enterprise architecture should be designed in such a way that business processes and IT landscape reflect the business needs. We have ample project experience in aligning business and IT and identifying synergies.

IT organization and  sourcing

To ensure  the best possible performance of your IT department. the  internal IT organization as well as the IT sourcing mix  have to be optimized.

IT projects and transformation

Since the IT function follows the business strategy, a continuous transformation of information technology and IT organization is required. We are experts in managing this transformation process together with you.

 IT program management

To support large organizations in transformation processes, we manage large-scale and complex programs and have the tools in place to ensure completion on time and within budget.

Project portfolio management

We help organizations ensure that their projects are prioritized according to their potential benefit and help maximize the outcome of promising projects.

IT transformation

We support the transformation of the IT organization and landscape resulting from changes in IT strategy, for example.

IT positioning and improvement

To continuously improve the performance of the IT organization, the positioning of IT must be optimized in a structured way. Our approach covers a wide range of tools for positioning and performance improvements in the IT function, for example:

IT benchmarking

From our extensive experience with IT projects of all kinds, we have a large portfolio of KPIs. We use these to benchmark IT performance against best-in-class.

IT cost reduction

We support CIOs in streamlining the IT function and cutting IT costs with a ready-to-use IT cost toolset.

IT value management

At the same time, we help organizations to go beyond cost cutting to capture the added value that is created by IT.