The New Markets Management Consulting sales excellence approach helps our clients answer the key questions that arise when they optimize their sales organization.

What is the best sales organization for us?

Companies increasingly align their sales organizations to both customers and channels. This is not without risks. We assist our clients in finding the appropriate segmentation of their customer base and the best structure for their sales organization.

What is the right sales channel portfolio?

Channel portfolios are becoming more and more complex, with channel conflicts threatening existing business. Innovative channel management, the integrated, value-based approach, provides the know-how to manage complexity.

How can we optimize the performance of our sales operations?

Almost always there is hidden potential in our clients' sales systems. In order to exploit this potential, we have developed our fast, flexible and feasible sales performance approach.

What is the best way to manage and control our sales activities?

Many companies operate with unsophisticated controlling systems. They cannot precisely allocate indirect costs to customers or products and use insufficient reporting systems, planning instruments, and processes.

Go-to-Market Best Practises for Startups